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Why use Safer Sex Lube™ ? 2017-08-19T01:26:41+00:00

Safer Sex Lube™ is specifically formulated for use in conjunction with latex and other barriers, reducing the risk of breakage, skin abrasions and irritation. It is silky to the touch, slick and long-lasting for your enjoyment and comfort. It doesn’t get sticky or tacky like other water-based lubes on the market and most importantly, it is hypoallergenic!

What makes Safer Sex Lube™ better than other lubricants? 2017-08-19T01:27:50+00:00

Safer Sex Lube™ uses the highest quality ingredients with you in mind. We use 99.9% laboratory grade vegetable glycerine and distilled water to replicate a silicone-based lubricant feel, without the potential complications of silicone bases. For example, damage can occur when silicone lubricants are used with silicone-based toys. Silicone lubricant is also more likely to stain clothes or bed sheets. Safer Sex Lube™ is safe with toys and won’t leave stains on fabric. Our lube is extremely slippery and is long-lasting to ensure maximum pleasure! The best part is that it reactivates with water or saliva – a little bit goes a long way!

Who needs personal lubricant? 2017-08-19T01:28:38+00:00

Everyone! Even if you don’t think you need a personal lubricant, trust us, slippery is sexy! Whether you are experiencing vaginal dryness, using it for anal sex, or just wanting to take things up a notch, Safer Sex Lube™ is the lube for you. It is fully edible with a naturally sweet taste which is perfect for oral sex.

Can Safer Sex Lube™ cause irritation? 2017-08-19T01:29:26+00:00

Our Safer Sex Lube™ is tried and true. We are proud to be able to say that we have not had a single reported allergic reaction or yeast infection since we began in 1993, and we have been the choice of health departments across North America for over 20 years. Our lube is a very safe and reliable product for all of your lubricating needs. If you’re wary, or prone to allergic reactions and sensitivities, we recommend testing a small patch on your inner elbow.

Is Safer Sex Lube™ safe with latex? 2017-08-19T01:30:16+00:00

Yes. Safer Sex Lube™ is water based and is perfectly safe with all latex. It ensures the highest level of slippery quality while maintaining your safety and happiness when using any barrier you desire.

Are Safer Sex Lube™ products edible? 2017-08-19T01:31:05+00:00

Yes. Safer Sex Lube™ uses 99.9% laboratory grade vegetable glycerine which creates a naturally sweet taste. It is colourless, clear and sugar free for your enjoyment! It is completely harmless if swallowed in small amounts.

Can I get a yeast infection from your product since it contains glycerin? 2017-08-19T01:31:58+00:00

No, although there are websites that claim glycerin causes yeast infections, this is simply not true. Feel free to ask your gynecologist to confirm this information. The misconception stems from the mistaken idea that glycerin is a sugar that feeds the yeast microorganisms that live in the vagina.
While sugars can definitely contribute to the growth of yeast, the good news is that glycerin is not a sugar as commonly thought. It is classified as a simple alcohol compound which retains moisture and has a sweet taste that cannot feed yeast. Some lubricants can increase the chances of a yeast infection by interfering with the pH levels in the vagina but thankfully our Safer Sex Lube™ has a balanced pH of 7.0. We use glycerin because it is a safe and effective ingredient that addresses both of these issues! We believe the proof is in the product. We have sold over 50 million pillow packs worldwide and have never had a single complaint or report of irritation or allergic reaction to our product in over 20 years!

What causes vaginal dryness? 2017-08-19T01:32:49+00:00

There are many factors that cause vaginal dryness but the first thing to know is that you are not alone! Every woman will experience it at some point in their lifetime and it can happen at any age. Some of the main causes of vaginal dryness are menopause, alcohol use, radiation or chemotherapy, certain medications, childbirth or nursing, exercise, extreme stress, allergies or even simply not enough foreplay before sex. We recommend using Safer Sex Lube™ whenever you are experiencing vaginal dryness or not. It makes sex more pleasurable and fun!

Does Safer Sex Lube™ contain animal products? 2017-08-19T01:33:37+00:00

Safer Sex Lube™ uses absolutely no animal products and is cruelty-free. We use only the finest grade, FDA approved ingredients that are vegan friendly, gluten-free and never tested on animals.

Can Safer Sex Lube™ ease the problem of personal dryness? 2017-08-19T01:34:40+00:00

Yes. Our product is water based and uses ingredients that mimic your body’s own natural lubrication for maximum moisture that lasts for hours.

Can safer Sex Lube™ be used with spermicides? 2017-08-19T01:35:21+00:00

We do not recommend using spermicide at all! It kills the naturally existing vaginal flora and has been proven to be harmful enough to potentially increase your risk of contracting STI’s and STD’s. We do not recommend using Safer Sex Lube™ with a spermicidal product or any barrier that may be coated with spermicide.

Does Safer Sex Lube™ contain parabens and are they safe to use? 2017-08-19T01:36:16+00:00

To reduce the risk of bacterial growth within the product, we do use “food grade” parabens in our Safer Sex Lube™. In simple terms, “food grade” parabens act as preservatives to maintain the integrity of our product. These parabens will not affect your bacteria good or bad, will keep your lube fresh and free of harmful microbes. Despite the negative reputation, it has been scientifically proven that “food grade” parabens are fully metabolized before they enter the bloodstream and pose no health risk in personal care products.

Is Safer Sex Lube™ safe for all genders? 2017-08-19T01:38:49+00:00

Safer Sex Lube™ is perfectly safe for everyone, regardless of gender or representation. Your safety is our top priority!

Are Safer Sex Lube™ products safe to use while pregnant? 2017-08-19T01:39:49+00:00

Formal studies have not been conducted to prove that any personal lubricant is safe while pregnant so we recommend consulting your physician before using Safer Sex Lube™ while pregnant.

Where can I buy Safer Sex Lube™ products? 2017-08-19T01:40:55+00:00

Right here on our new and improved website that provides you fast and simple access to the perfect lube for you!

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